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The Gospel is Hope and Life Eternal - The Salvation Message & Prayer  

Salvation is a gift of life and extraordinary love, it is the most precious of all miracles. Jesus died on the cross for our sin, He took cruel punishment for lost sinners, so that we can receive forgiveness. He was buried, but hallelujah, He rose up from the dead in God's awesome power - Jesus IS alive and Jesus is the way and the truth for us to receive eternal life. GOD LOVES US He longs to give us hope and peace in THIS life. His goodness and great love offers us Salvation - this is the best ever life and great comfort to all who will believe


J esus has totally defeated death and sin and has made it easy for us to be saved. Putting faith and trust in Jesus can and will free you completely from the pain and hopelessness of sin.

Why not make Jesus Christ Your Lord and Saviour today? You can invite Him into your heart. He is the answer to life, and a prayer of simple faith and confession as you say sorry for those sins, will lead your heart to Him. He will save your soul, because He is loving, full of mercy and graceful. Your act of faith and repentance,will renew your spirit as you surrender,and are forgiven. And you too - will become a born again believer. Jesus is love and life itself, so you can pray the prayer below with confidence; 

"Dear Jesus, please forgive my sins against you, I have been searching and seeking and I realise its you I need. Dear Jesus, please come into my heart and save me today. I want to turn away from my life of sin and darkness and from this moment, Lord I'll follow you. I believe you died, were buried but rose again from death because, you are The Saviour of the world and have victory over everything in this world.

Jesus, I am willing to surrender my life to you, Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit and teach me your ways. Help me to change my life 

and live a new life to serve you.

Thank you that you love me and have a plan for me. Teach me to love You.

Today I make my life yours and want to follow you Lord. Please heal me in every way. Set me free from sin and my old habits. 

I really want to know you Jesus, So Lord help me understand your Word and Thank you Jesus for saving me. Lord, baptise me in your Holy Spirit and let me be born again with you as my Saviour and Lord. 

Today I choose a new life in you dear Jesus

Thank you Lord" in Jesus name this I pray Lord, Amen

Congratulations - welcome to Life Eternal

 Welcome to God's Family ! Hallelujah


Now You are a Believer 

 Some Really Important Things  To Do and Know

Find a Spirit Filled Church where People Love The Lord Jesus and where there is joy and fellowship, there are many on line resources 

and excellent links which you can access here :

So now, The Beginning of your journey 

your eternal destination heaven !

Make sure to get a Bible and begin to read as often and as m uch as you can - feed on The Word of God, this is your book of life!

Pray, pour out your thoughts, concerns, questions and needs in daily time in a quiet place, do this daily

Begin to ask The Lord what things don't please Him and ask The Lord to help you with letting these things go and confess these sins as The Lord shows you

Ask The Lord to daily fill you afresh with His Holy Spirit and Get Baptised in water and begin to tell others that you have met this Jesus, be His witness and help others pray and receive salvation too - share your "Good News"

Keep on keeping on, even when it feels tough, learn through tough times to have faith in God and give you the faith to trust Jesus as you grow in your faith


 & Receive Support, Interaction, Teaching  & Prayer **


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God Bless You Friend - All For Jesus 

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