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Minister Carole Anne Cole

Pastor & Founder

Big Fish 117 Ministries  - Christian Fellowship   

Bereavement & Funeral Services 

Conducted with Love and Care    


This service began in 2004, with an initial outreach to people living in communities where there were health, poverty and many social needs. By 2009 the ministry was well established with a busy house fellowship and an open door policy for locals of all ages to seek help, support and emergency refuge.

Through this outreach Pastor Carole encountered "Jock" a homeless man, who became a good friend. Jock was known locally as a very special character. His catchphrase was "God bless you darlin' "

Carole was with Jock a few years later in 2018 at his bedside as he passed away after several years of ill health. 

It was this deep friendship and great sorrow, that led to the start of our funeral ministry and with the wonderful help of Evelyns Funerals, Pastor Carole organised and assisted in leading Jocks funeral service and memorial.

This first funeral service and her heart for Jock, birthed a passion for helping grieving families to organise and plan very intimate and beautiful memorials to say their final goodbyes.

Each service is unique and planned specific to the needs and character of the passed loved one and family.

Pastor Carole, serves families with care, warmth and sensitivity. Ensuring that a loved one is honoured and represented with respect, and understanding. Placing  importance of the instructions and wishes of friends and family members.

As part of our service we can design and put together very personal and well thought out, beautifully presented memorial cards and orders of service

We can also recommend trusted funeral directors who will walk you through all the options 

We promise to always minister and conduct services with great care at the chosen place of memorial or authorised facility

Please do get in touch to discuss how we may be able to support you at this time.

Whatever query or concern, you are very welcome to contact us using the details below.

God bless you at this time - our prayer is that you will find comfort and hope and

that God will be present and real, bringing hope to your heart 

We are here to support and serve your family in this time of sadness  




For Advice & Your Enquiry Please Contact   

Pastor Carole A. Cole

Phone : 07919 424 886

Mail :

We are A Christian Ministry and Fellowship and are fully Committed 

To the Gospel of Jesus Christ
John 14:6 Jesus Said   " I am the way, the truth and life" 

Please Make Payment, Tithe or Donation To:

Bank Account Name

Big Fish 117 Ministries

Sort Code: 20-16-99   AC No:  4381 3096

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