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Hello and welcome to our Big Fish 117 Ministries pages - You are very welcome here.

Our heart and mission is to serve our community and invite visitors old and new to share in our weekly services and find support. 

Come agree in prayer with us, and find Gods help for others you care for.

Pray with us for our government and leaders and this nation.

Join us to pray for  Israel and the peace of Jerusalem

Pastor Carole, is the founder, and is an ordained Minister of The Gospel.

She leads this fellowship and the ministry work which is wide and far, including various community activities to the poor, including a long established outreach to young people, the homeless, refugees and families in need. 

We love to partner with other believers and church groups to share in the ministry of prayer, praise and worship. We have a passion for evangelism and to teach pure biblical christianity to help build up and equip the body of Christ. 

Carole's passion is for discipleship and she is gifted in sharing the pure word of God.

Her love of people and community is further expressed in her gifted calling as a minister at funeral services for families of young or old who have passed on.

If you find yourself in such need, we will diligently support your family, step by step. We can help plan a funeral or memorial following the death of a loved one so please do get in touch.

We will be able to advise you and assist with all the arrangements as well as facilitate a beautiful and sensitive order of service to comfort and honour your loved ones.   

Our well established church fellowship is bible based, we host regular house meetings, Zoom prayers with inspired teaching and bible study.

 There are set days for intercessory prayer, disciplined fasting and biblical counselling 

You are very welcome to join us and make a prayer or biblical request at anytime, please contact us by mail or phone to obtain days and access to Zoom links. 


O​ur Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has called his church to be faithful members of the greater body of believers, we seek to share the wonderful gospel of salvation to everyone and add to that number 

Jesus said "Come follow me and I'll make you fishers for men."  Big Fish 117 Ministries passion is to diligently share this very Good News with our neighbours far and wide.

Any person can be confident and very certain, that  God is in complete control and JESUS is Lord of all, despite this crazy uncertain time..there is an eternal plan and a wonderful hope in our future 

So do be encouraged, these are exactly the times, when the church can help you find peace and inner joy, by sharing GOOD NEWS that leads to everlasting hope and peace and life, through Gods gift of salvation in Jesus Christ, we would love to tell you more

Our heart mission and precribed remedy for all that unsettles us, is in the wonderful GOOD news of the gospel of salvation.

Jesus is the answer to the troubles in this world, God loved the world so much, Jesus came as Saviour and died on a cross for lost sinners, folk who were and still are, lost without hope.

His act of love defeated everything evil and sinful on the cross Jesus perfectly and literally paid the price for us all, at any time, young or old, to be forgiven. 

True faith means you will find hope, truth for life and the remedy for sin and sickness.

Healing and health is a promise which is relevant and still powerful today, friends if you are hurting, lost or in need of freedom -  look no further than the medicine bottle of God's beautiful word.  

Jesus came to seek and save the lost,  so if you haven't yet asked Jesus into YOUR heart, the gospel is the message for all who will believe - you can make your eternal home heaven today, because your salvation is as simple as ABC.

Trust GOD, just believe.  

From our heart to yours - Shalom in The Lord of Life Eternal, Amen

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